As a CWRV contractor, you have the benefit of being your own boss. You work when you want, drive your own truck, see the country, all while getting paid! Driving for CWRV has great benefits like not having to wash the travel trailer or fifth wheel when you arrive. You’ll never have to go to Canada, so put the passport and hassle away. When you check-in, the wait time is minimal. All this while transporting RV’s for dealers country wide.CWRV Transport

Contractor Compensation & Benefits:

Currently RV units dispatched out of northern Indiana area yards pay per loaded mile as follows:

CWRV attempts to be one of the highest paying RV transporters. However, fuel price fluctuations mean rates may vary.
Most Trailers pay $1.17 to $1.35 per loaded mile. Rates vary based on delivery destination, size of unit & that week’s fuel surcharge.
Units dispatched out of Pendleton, Oregon currently pay $1.12 per loaded mile.
Rates are subject to change without notice.

  1. No need to wash your unit on delivery
  2. No Canada
  3. Quick Delivery
  4. Quick Pay using Transflo
  5. Contractor to Contractor referral bonus of $100


Let’s Get Started

Contractor Qualifications, Requirements & Equipment Outfitting:

  • Due to insurance requirements, you must be at least 23 years of age
  • Valid Driver’s license:  A Class A CDL is preferred, but an operator’s license to drive commercially (some states call it a chauffeur’s license) is acceptable.
  • MVR (Motor Vehicle Report):  CWRV requires you to submit an MVR from your local DMV office for each individual state license held within the last 3 years.  This must be submitted with your application.  It cannot contain more than 6 points, 2 accidents, and 2 moving violations.  NOTE:  If you are unable to provide the MVR with your application let us know right away and, for a nominal fee, CWRV Transport will obtain it for you.  **If the following incidents happened within the last 10 years, Applicants will be disqualified from further consideration for moving violation suspensions, history of drug-related convictions, DUI, DWI, OWI, careless driving, reckless driving, or habitual offender convictions.
  • Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP): We require all applicants who have driven or transported any size commercial vehicle to submit a copy of their PSP Record dated no older than 30 days. This document can be purchased online for $10.00 by clicking HERE
  • Work History:  You must submit a complete 10-year work history on the CWRV application including accounting for any employment date gaps. If you are retired, have been self-employed, and/or unemployed for any period of time, it must be listed/accounted for in the work history section of the application.
  • Pass a company road test
  • Pass a DOT Physical:  It is best if you obtain a DOT physical in your hometown. If, for any reason, you cannot pass the physical, you will know right away. However, a physical may be done in Elkhart, IN by Community Occupational Medicine at their Bristol Street location for $65 (price subject to change without notice) If you have any medical issues or limitations that you suspect might affect your meeting DOT requirements, it is strongly advised that you obtain your physical in your hometown area to ensure that you will be permitted to drive commercially before you make the trip to Elkhart for orientation.
  • Phone:  Have an activated cell phone with voicemail set up. A smart phone is ideal.
  • Laptop computer & printer in the truck:  CWRV requires logs to be kept electronically which is why you are required to have a laptop and printer in your truck. For your printer needs, CWRV and Brother have partnered to provide small, rugged printers at discounted prices. Go here for product and pricing info. We use “Eclipse” to track logs electronically which CWRV provides free of charge unless you want to upload an electronic signature which will cost you $5. iPads and Smart Phones are not yet compatible with Eclipse, only Laptops and Notebooks currently work.
  • Contractor Deposit:  CWRV will establish an account for you as a CSA (Contractor Savings Account). 10% of gross is deducted from each trip and held in escrow in a non-interest bearing account (CSA) until it reaches $1,000.  The money is held in lieu of damage claims as a security deposit. It is yours and you can take it with you when you leave or retire as long as there are no damage claims.
  • Orientation Info:  Orientation lasts a full day on your first day (7:00 a.m. EST until approximately 5:00 p.m. EST) and then the following morning.  Please plan on seeking lodging while you are in Elkhart.  Please visit our “Contractor Resources” page for a listing of close by hotels that we recommend, some have CWRV discounts! When you attend orientation your cost will be $35 which includes your on-site administered drug screen and 2 magnetic CWRV door signs for your truck. This fee is payable by cash or check only on day one of orientation. Currently we do not accept credit cards.   You will also be provided 2 CWRV T-shirts to wear when delivering units at no cost providing we have them available in your size.  Additional shirts will be available for purchase at $11.00 per shirt.
  • Plate Rental:  Transporter plates will be assigned to each contractor during orientation.  The rental fee is only $10.00 per month.


    • CWRV requires you provide a Certificate of Insurance showing proof of adequate insurance coverage on your vehicle.
    • CWRV Transport recommends that every owner/operator contractor obtain written confirmation of coverage from their truck insurance agent, which specifically acknowledges the CWRV Transport contract and the commercial activities resulting from it.
    • An Additional Option is Non-Trucking (AKA bobtail) Insurance.    This recommended Liability Insurance protects drivers against any third party bodily injury or property damage which may be charged against you in the form of a claim when “not trucking.”
    • (To learn more about this coverage, click on the Brown & Brown link below)
    • It is the contractor’s responsibility to provide standard Bodily Injury/Physical Damage as well as Comprehensive & Collision coverage for the truck.  The bobtail coverage is in addition to this standard coverage.
Brown & Brown

  • Contact: Pam St. John, Amanda Funk, or Carmen Beltran
  • Phone: 800-846-7873 (not a CWRV #)
  • Email:,, or



  • Contact: Dwayne Goad
  • Phone: 877-814-1236 (not a CWRV #)
  • Email:


PC Insurance Services LLC

  • Contact: Tammy Machuta
  • Phone: 325-513-1122 (not a CWRV #)
  • Recommended for our NY applicants/contractors
  • It is the contractor’s responsibility to provide standard Comprehensive & Collision coverage for their truck. The bobtail coverage is in addition to this standard coverage.


Required Equipment Outfitting:

  1. A copy of your vehicle registration must be submitted
  2. Laptop or Notebook computer with Windows and wireless capability for your truck to track logs using Eclipse software (At this time Mac computers are not compatible with our log tracking software)
  3. Compatible printer for your truck to print logs daily, the DOT requires printed copies of the last 7 days activity.
  4. Cell phone with working voicemail (preferably a Smartphone)
  5. CWRV Transport requires a truck model year 2001 or newer.
  6. Truck must be full size ¾ Ton or 1 Ton (dually not necessary). No mid-size, ½ ton trucks, vans, or SUVs are accepted.
  7. Truck must be owned or financed.  In other words, it must not be leased from a trucking company or dealer.
  8. Truck Registration: CWRV recommends the equivalent to a 26,000 lb. truck plate, depending on the limits of your driver’s license (If you have a CDL A you are not limited by GVWR totals).  Your truck registration weight listing should be sufficient to legally scale the actual weight of the truck and trailer.  In other words, it is best to register it for the maximum weight rating your truck can safely accommodate, but no more than 26,000 pounds.
  9. Completed DOT long form inspection must be submitted
    1. Inspections are available at the following Elkhart County locations when you come for orientation (please contact them directly for appointments):

NOTE:  Before a DOT truck inspection is administered, you must have an emergency triangle kit and mounted fire extinguisher in your truck.

Truck must be equipped with the following:

  1. Class C Receiver rated at least 10,000 pounds
  2. CWRV prefers you have a Fifth Wheel rated at least 20,000 pounds.  Without a Fifth wheel or lighter hitch, the number of available dispatches you receive may be limited.
  3. Mud flaps: We require both rear-well and a full-width bumper mud flaps.    For your convenience the full-width mud flaps can be purchased locally in Elkhart or you can purchase a “self-install” one at CWRV Transport (please contact us prior to attending your orientation to confirm we have them in stock).
  4. Extended mirrors for towing 102 inch trailers
  5. CWRV requires distribution bars rated at 1,000 pounds minimum. (These can be purchased for approximately $300 at the service vendors listed above)
  6. Credit/Debit card for your own truck repairs (on the road). CWRV cannot fund truck repairs.
  7. 1/2″ drive Torque wrench to tighten trailer lugs at beginning of a trip: Rating of 125 pounds with 3 deep well 6 point socket sizes: 7/8, 13/16 and ¾. (available for purchase at CWRV)
  8. Electric brake control in cab of truck
  9. Appropriate 7-Pin bumper plug, bed plug optional
  10. 2 ball sizes: 2-5/16” rated at 10,000 pounds minimum, 2” rated at 6,000 pounds minimum, and the ball height set at approximately 20” measured from the ground to the highest point of the ball.
  11. Electric breakaway battery: DOT regulations require the battery to be a “wet” cell battery, not a dry cell. The battery must be protected by a removable cover or enclosure.
  12. Emergency Equipment – Required by DOT: 3 triangles, or 3 liquid-burning flares, or 6 fusees. Also required is a screw-mounted fire extinguisher (must have a UL rating of 5 B:C.
  13. Truck suspension must be stock (no lift kits) and the bed height should be 57″ high, or 59″ maximum measured at the rear of the truck bed from the ground up.
  14. Tires must be commercial rated 10-ply tires with Load Range E. (Passenger tires or 8-ply are not accepted.)


How do I outfit my truck with all the required equipment?

  • CWRV is conveniently located in the capital of the RV manufacturing world.  As a result there are many qualified vendors in the area to help with your equipment needs. You may outfit your truck wherever you wish, but we offer the following vendor links as options for you to shop pricing and service:


    Optional Equipment:

    • General tool Kit
    • Set of Fuses for your Truck


    Miscellaneous Questions/Answers:

    Can I use a 4-wheel drive pick up truck?

    Yes – But the bed rail must measure 57” or less from the ground to the top of the rail

    Fuel tank or above rail tool box in bed of truck?

    there should be nothing above the bed rails of the bed of your truck. If you have anything such as a mounted fuel tank or tool box that sits higher than the bed rails please submit photos here for prior approval. Note that if you have an extensive amount of prior verifiable experience delivering RV’s, your fuel tank or tool box may be acceptable at the discretion of CWRV Transport. Also loose items in the truck bed must be secured before travel.

    What if I have a 6-foot bed?

    If it’s under 8-foot long, CWRV will lease on your truck. The bed must not be less than 6 feet in length. CWRV reserves the right to measure your bed at orientation and refuse lease if it measures less than 6 feet. The 5th wheel must be a slider hitch assembly.

    Window Tinting

    CWRV prefers factory tint as DOT may ticket for windows that are too dark.


    Let’s Get Started If you’ve still got questions, check out our FAQs page. Still have questions, contact us today.