Arthritis means joint inflammation and it can be a debilitating condition to live with. The simplest tasks can become a struggle to get through. Sitting in a truck all day can make matters worse though. The joints need exercise and stretching to keep range of motion, strength, and movement to affected areas. Let’s look at the benefits stretching everyday can do for arthritis (always be sure you have permission by your doctor).

Increases the strength and flexibility around joints

Stretching plays a huge role in keeping arthritic joints in working order. Our natural pain response is to not use the areas giving us trouble, but that is the opposite of what we should be doing. Stretching proves huge for keeping you mobile, especially with arthritis because it is the antidote to stiffness.

Helps maintain or increase bone strength

Stretching helps lengthen your muscles and brings blood flow to those stiff and painful joints. That blood flow brings needed nutrients with it, which will help keep your bones strong and healthy. 

Provides nourishment and lubrication to joints

Your joints have fluid all around and in-between them. This is like oil to a machine. As you stretch every day, the blood that gets delivered will provide important nutrients to keep your aching joints going and your body will produce more fluid to surround the inflamed joints. 

Prevents disuse syndrome

The disuse syndrome means “use it or lose it.” Your muscles will become unusable if they are not worked. So the natural inclination to avoid using the stiff joint because of the pain is the OPPOSITE of what you want to do. Avoiding use will only make the condition worse and less-usable. Stretching will fight for your stiff and aching joints!

A good stretch will help keep joints flexible enough to bend, twist and handle everyday tasks. This is huge for those who suffer from Arthritis. So be sure to get out of your truck at stops, move around as much as possible, and incorporate the stretches from the month of April!