Sitting all day in a truck is bound to cause some aches and pains. We know that lack of movement stiffens muscles, so let’s target how to help alleviate sore and painful areas of the body by doing some deep stretches. In order to get some deep stretching in, you must prepare your body so you don’t overdue it and cause an injury. Starting off with light morning stretches is one thing, you’re getting the body warmed up and ready for the day. But if you want to target those chronic aches and pains or are nursing a really sore muscle that needs prolonged stretching, taking the right steps is important.

Start off by hydrating as much as possible with WATER. Your body needs it to survive and thrive. At least 64 ounces in a day is a must but if you have being struggling aches and pains, I suggest at least 72 ounces. Before you stretch try drinking 8-16 ounces of water before beginning. Your body loves to be hydrated for stretching and workouts. 

Warm-up. Your body core temperature needs to raise for your muscles to be prepared for a good stretch. Do this by getting a brisk 5 minute walk and completing the Warm-up video HERE.

Go through a round of stretching every major muscle group. This would be your legs, torso, arms. Lightly hold the stretches for 10-20 seconds being sure to take deep breaths. Once you have completed those, take a 30 second break.

Now you are ready to hold your stretching poses and go deeper. Do this by repeating and adding more stretches into your routine but hold for 45 seconds to one minute for EACH stretch, while breathing deep. Example would be holding a runner’s lunge for 45 seconds and really feel legs driving away from each other during the stretch. Your muscles will naturally relax more as you are doing the stretch, which will alleviate tense muscles. 

Cool down using the cool down video HERE and drink another 8-16 ounces of water. 

Holding poses for the one minute mark will help alleviate specific pain you might be experiencing (of course check with your doctor if you are nursing an injury). This amount of time will cause the muscle to “melt” as you hold the stretch, making it more pliable and lengthening it. Remember that a majority of aches and pains in the muscles come from being stiff and shortened, so increasing your body’s core temperature and really getting a deep stretch will help a lot. This is a perfect time to stretch away those winter months in April- our stretch month!