Sciatica nerve pain can be very painful and difficult to live with. It is a nerve that runs from your spine in the low back, down through your buttocks and travels the whole length of the back of each leg to the feet. Typically, the source of the pain is from disc pressure in the spine. Whether it’s a ruptured disc or degeneration of the spine, or maybe your spinal discs are turned and compressing on the nerve to irritate. Sitting in a truck all day will only compound this issue and doing some specific stretches to alleviate pain are crucial for helping you find some relief.

Reclining pigeon pose
This stretch works to open up the hips. While lying on your back bring one leg up and cross over at the ankle on your thigh. Pull the knee in of the leg not crossed and hold the stretch, letting your hips relax.

Sitting pigeon pose
Similar to the reclining pose, cross one leg over the other and bed the straight leg, getting a deeper stretch.

Forward Pigeon Pose
Kneel on all fours and bring one leg through your hands and bend, placing on the ground. Stretch your back leg out behind you. Sit up straight with your hands and your side and lean forward, taking a deep breath.

Sitting Hamstring Stretch
While sitting, place both legs straight out in front of you and lean forward with your back flat, trying to touch your toes. Hold the pose and take deep breaths.

Knee to opposite shoulder
Lying on your back, pull one knee in towards your chest and with your opposite hand, pull the knee to that Side of the body, getting a good stretch in that sciatica area.

Sitting Spinal Stretch
While sitting with both legs extended straight in front of you, bring one knee in and set your foot on the floor. Take your opposite should and twist, so your hand goes to the outside of the knee that is bent, getting a stretch in the torso.

If you struggle with sciatica pain, work on these stretches everyday. Also, remember that you might not be as flexible as you see in these pictures but don’t give up, but if you experience pain, then stop and talk to your doctor or therapist. Sciatica pain is not the one-size-fits all and start off small with these stretches. If you can only reach your knees for the sitting hamstring stretch then that is ok. The exercises can be adjusted to fit your flexibility level. Your body will let you know what it can do, so pay attention when doing these!

I highly recommend seeing a doctor, specifically a spinal specialist, such as a Chiropractor if you have sharp and debilitating pain. This condition will worsen if you do not seek help.