Top 4 Fast Food Restaurants 

Eating out tends to happen while you are on the road. Options are getting better but some routes are very difficult to find restaurants that aren’t poor quality fast food and make dishes with quality ingredients. I have decided to highlight the top 4 well known fast food restaurants that have some of the healthiest options. 

  1. Chipotle

This made the top of the list because they proudly make their food with quality ingredients (read here) and from animals raised well. Their ingredients come from local farms and not from factories. The animals do not have antibiotics or hormones as well. You can see all their ingredients listed here. You have the ability to customize easily with every single meal because of their made to order style. Loading up on veggies is super simple!

2. Panera

Similar to Chipotle, Panera is at the top, for their commitment to fresh and quality ingredients. They even have a No No List of all the processed ingredients they do not allow in their food. Their meat is also free from hormones, antibiotics and they do not allow GMO’s. If you’re looking for less carbs then utilize their soup and salads menu. You can also request sandwiches without bread and swap with lettuce instead. They also have good breakfast options, tea, and smoothies that veer from traditional fast food options.

3. Jimmy Johns

Jimmy Johns has a good commitment to using natural ingredients, fresh baked bread, and no artificial colors/ingredients as well. They also are known for the Unwich, a sandwich with lettuce instead of bread. You can read about their commitment here. They are also great with made-to-order every time, which means controlling portions and adding more fresh veggies.

4. Chick-fil-a

Known for some of the tastiest chicken out there, CFA is another great place to stop when you’re hungry. They get their produce from local farms, the meat is quality, and they use real ingredients (read here). They are heavier on the fried food so be mindful of that when ordering and go for grilled chicken options. They also have great salads, make fresh lemonade with real sugar, and sides other than fries. 

Sometimes eating out is unavoidable. Since your job is to be on the road, I still highly recommend preparing and bringing food from home. But when you’re in a pinch, look for one of these 4 restaurants and order with confidence that you’re eating more quality food than most of the other places out there. The other benefit to each of these restaurants is technology. They each have apps that allow you to order ahead and pick-up. They also offer rewards just by eating there, which translates into discounted and free food. So at least your healthier restaurant stops will pay off by being quicker to stop and grab, plus earn you free food! Choosing quality is always the best option!