It can be so hard to stay healthy if you travel often, but creating a wellness routine that can withstand the struggles of messing up your routine and not being at home in your kitchen to cook is paramount to staying fit. I have traveled more in the last couple years myself and I know how difficult it can be to try and stay healthy while out. This takes intentionality, so I’m here to help you think of ways to stay on track. 

1. Keep a water bottle on you

Hydrating is extremely important to do each day, and making sure you’re not hydrating with sugar is even more critical. Water helps your digestive system function properly, keeps your cravings in check, helps your body signal correct responses to hunger and more. Find a good quality water bottle that you can refill anytime. 

2. Take care of your gut

Gut health is often neglected but very important for your wellness. Taking a probiotic is great for adding healthy bacteria into the body to help fight sickness, diseases, unhealthy bacteria, build up the immune system, and more. Bring the probiotic with you and take drinks such as kombucha, which is fermented and naturally contains probiotics in it. 

3. Listen to podcasts

Listening to podcasts on health and fitness is a great way to become more educated and motivated for living healthy. There is a saying that “you are who you hang out with” and I believe that is accurate. I think it also applies to what you are listening to and engaging with on a daily basis as well. If you listen to football 24/7 then you will probably know a thing or two of the game, teams, players, coaches, etc. Immersing yourself in something will eventually capture your passion for that thing. So if you want to be healthy and maintain proper weight then start listening to things that will get you there. Here is a list of the top podcasts in 2019 for health and fitness (HERE).

4. Move!

Any chance you have at moving, take it! Traveling usually means lots of sitting so be intentional to get active when you don’t have to sit. Even just walking every time you have the chance will help you. Get in 5 minute workouts where I show you easy things with no equipment! Here’s a LINK.

5. Become a prepper

I’m not talking about prepping for an apocalypse, but prepping for your travels. Will you be gone a day, 2, 3, a week? Be prepared to think ahead and go shop for food and/or take a look at your route for researching healthier restaurant options. Prepping should be your new vocation (almost)! When you look at a fit person, you are looking at someone who thinks ahead and prepares to stay healthy. 

I guarantee that if you start creating a routine of incorporating these 5 things, your health will dramatically improve. You can fall out of a good health routine/lifestyle but you usually don’t fall into one. Good things take discipline to create the right habits.