Being on-the-go and staying healthy takes discipline and preparedness. If you’re wanting to get into the routine but find yourself unprepared when you are ready to workout then grab these items, stick them in a bag and throw in the back of your vehicle so you always have them on you, ready to sweat!

  • Reusable Water bottle– easy way to fill up on water
  • Workout clothes– some that are breathable and flexible for every move you make
  • Quality pair of shoes– have designated shoes so you can move properly and protect the feet
  • Headphones/earbuds– listening to music, instructions for a workout or podcast 
  • Towel – to wipe your sweat
  • Snack bar– something with good ingredients and protein like Rx Bar, Cliff Bar, Larabar
  • Deodorant– speaks for itself
  • Sandals– sometimes after a sweaty workout feet need to breathe
  • Arm band–  to hold phone so hands stay free
  • Extra change of clothes– a really sweaty workout calls for a change and keeping something fresh is always a good idea
  • Resistance band– these are perfect for working anywhere at anytime
  • Yoga mat– getting on any surface without a mat isn’t desired so keeping this with you will allow more exercises and stretching on any ground surface

Bonus/optional items:

Shampoo and conditioner– maybe you can have access to a shower and want to wash up

Dry shampoo– this is perfect to spray and freshen up the hair without any water

Mints– sometimes you just need fresh breath when done working out

All these items will definitely keep you prepared for a workout anytime. If you have a bag ready then there is no excuse not to do something when you have time!