Sitting in a vehicle all day causes issues for the neck, spine, and back. Poor posture is to blame for a lot of issues that can creep up. It is so easy to slouch, strain your neck, and sit incorrectly so practicing some exercises regularly to counter poor posture are needed. Not only will this help alleviate some discomfort but these exercises will strengthen the muscles that help you naturally have better posture. Win win! No time to waste, let’s get started. 

The Tuck

This exercise will focus on pulling the abdominals together and strengthening the core. Lay on your back and suck the belly button in, feeling your low back press to the floor. Release and feel your stomach relax (don’t push back up though). Repeat sucking in and releasing. 


This exercise targets the butt, low back, and back of your legs. Begin with your back on the floor and feet planted. Lift your hips and pelvis off the mat and squeeze your buttocks. Hold this for 1 minute. You may also lift up and back down for 30 seconds to a minute. 

Runners lunge with twist 

This stretch opens up the hips and gives a good back/core stretch. Start off standing at the top of your mat. Bring your hands down to the floor at your feet and stretch one leg back behind you. Slowly lower to the back knee and keep your front foot planted. Putting one hand on the floor, lift up and twist with your other arm. Take deep breaths and hold for 30 seconds to a minute. 

Bird dog 

This exercise will strengthen the entire back of the body from arms, legs and back. Start on your hands and knees. Slowly lift opposite arm and leg straight out, forming a line from the tips of your fingers all the way to your toes. Hold this for 30 seconds and switch. 

Shoulder blade glides 

This exercise will help strengthen those shoulders so they can pull back for correct posture. Begin on your hands and knees. Bring your head, neck and chest down towards the floor but leave your arms straight, and repeat going up and down. Repeat for 30 seconds to a minute.

Thoracic rotation (on hands/knees)

This exercise targets the shoulders but mainly the core. Start again on your hands and knees. Put one hand behind your head and rotate that elbow to the inside of your opposite arm/elbow. Lift back up and repeat. Practice for 30 seconds and then switch arms for another 30 seconds.

Prone W with reach 

This will focus on strengthening the backs of your shoulders, arms, and back. Lay face down on your mat and bring your arms out to your sides at a 90 degree angle, making a “W” from arm to arm, including the head. Lift the arms, keep face on the mat, and straighten the arms out in front of you. Bring them back to the 90 degree angle. Repeat for 30 seconds to a minute. 

I recommend practicing these several times a week or each day for the first few weeks. These muscles are so important to stretch and strengthen to help with good posture while sitting anywhere, but especially on the road.