Eating Snacks while traveling can be difficult but having a list of easy snacks to shop for and prep can transform everything! Buying snacks that are prepackaged and healthy (free from processed ingredients, dyes, bad oils, etc) can be difficult to find and expensive. There are some really great things out there, and I will highlight those, but eating fresh is the best for your health so this will require minimal preparation. 

  1. Granola bites. 100 calories for one package. Grab a couple and pair it with a banana or apple. 

2. Hard boiled eggs. 2 eggs is 140 calories and 13 grams of protein. 

3. Apple. Medium sized is 80 calories. 

4. Greek yogurt (individual container) with 1/2 cup berries. 150 calories. 

5. Celery and peanut butter. 2-3 stalks and 1 tbsp peanut butter is only 105 calories. 

6. Cucumbers and hummus. 1 cup cucumber slices and 2 tbsp of hummus is 75 calories so pair with something else or eat more!

7. Dark chocolate (2 tbsp) is 140 calories with almonds (about 28 pieces) and 160 calories. 

There is enough here to make a list and grab when you are at the store. Just give yourself time to put in baggies or storage containers. Put it on your schedule if you have to. Happy shopping!