Want to work those arms? Everyone loves a nice cut in the shoulder and no one wants the arm “flap” when you wave hello to someone. Your arms have 5 specific muscles that we can target…biceps, triceps, and the 3 heads of your deltoids (anterior, lateral, and posterior). Working each of those muscles will create the definition you want in your arms. Let’s take a look!

  1. Bicep Curl

The bicep curl is a tried and true standard arm exercise. The biceps are the most noticeable muscle on the arm and it is very important for everyday functional use as well. Since we are looking to build muscle and see definition, start picking up heavier weights for this. 10-12 reps is the most you want to do before exhausting the muscle. This means you cannot lift your arms to do more.

2. Tricep Extension

The tricep is on the back side of the arm. This is the one that gets saggy when you wave. 10-12 reps on this one as well, so create more resistance in your band so it’s tougher or pick up heavier dumbbells. 

3. Lateral Raise

The lateral raise targets the medial deltoid muscle, meaning it’s in the middle of your shoulder and really shows definition for your shoulders. Begin with hands slightly in front of you and lift out to the sides, lifting with your elbows. 10-12 reps on this as well. 

4. Posterior deltoid lift

This targets the back of the shoulders, right next to the medial deltoid. It’s a smaller muscle so be prepared to lighten the tension or weight and keep with the 10-12 reps. Just leaning forward and lifting to the sides will target this muscle. 

5. Frontal Raise

The 3rd muscle of the deltoid group is the anterior, located on the front of the shoulder. This is also very functional for everyday activities. Target this one by doing a frontal raise and lifting out in front of you. 10-12 reps is the protocol. 

6. Push ups

Push ups will target all the muscles in your arms, shoulders, chest and back. It is an amazing exercise and requires no equipment. If you get good at doing push ups, I guarantee you’ll have strong arms. Start on your knees for modification and go to your toes as you get stronger. We are not limiting the reps on this one so do as many as you can and keep increasing each time you practice these. 

The secret to toned arms is 2 fold. You need to do exercises that focus on each individual muscle AND you need to increase the resistance level or weight. Creating definition will not be done by doing light exercises without a focus. Practice these a couple times a week, increase the resistance and incorporate other arm exercises as you go and you will see results!