DriveFit 30 Day Challenge

January 2019

A Fitness Challenge for CWRV Drivers

We’ve custom built this fitness plan for drivers like you who eat and live on the road. With custom workouts, meal plans, and meal prep ideas, if you follow this plan, you will see a decrease in weight and an increase in energy. Who doesn’t want that?


What is the workout load?

You’ll be provided with 3 workouts per week. They have a mix of cardio and weights with the focus on full body. Each week there is a workout specific to abdominals.

Who can do the workouts?

Everyone! There are modifications provided for every single exercise and the option to really push it hard for people more advanced.

What kind of food is in the challenge?

You will be eating plant based or anti-inflammatory as much as possible, taking out foods that cause blood sugar spikes, inflammation in the body, foods that are associated with diseases, processed foods, and refined sugars.

How intense are the dinner and meal recipes?

The meals are geared towards convenience and simplicity for being the road. They do take planning, which is provided for you to follow.

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Nutrition Plan Calendar

Planning your meals is an important part of the process. Without a plan, we tend to just grab what’s fast and easy, and usually unhealthy. We’ve put together a meal calendar for you to follow. This calendar also includes recipes for the meals that are suggested. Now, we know you may not be able to follow this calendar exactly, but try to find healthier alternatives if you can.

Download the Calendar


This is it. The beginning of a new you. If you take this seriously, you will see real results. Check out the nutrition info above, then get those workout clothes on and start with Video 1.

Please be safe. Don’t put yourself in danger to do these workouts. Always consult your doctor before adding new fitness activity to your lifestyle. 


Week 2 workouts are the same as Week 1. Week 2 is a great opportunity to step it up a bit. Try to do the more intense version. Make sure to suck in that tummy and always be breathing. You can do this!


This week we start a new set of workouts. This are intentionally a bit more difficult than Weeks 1 & 2. Again, do these at your pace and your level. Don’t kill yourself trying to get in shape. Don’t put yourself in danger to do these workouts. Always consult your doctor before adding new fitness activity to your lifestyle. Now let’s get to work!


You’re almost done! Week 4 is a repeat of Week 3, but this time you can get more intense and focused. Always drink plenty of fluids, breath on every rep, and make sure you’re eating properly before and after your workouts. Now let’s finish strong!