Becoming a CWRV Contractor

Owning your own business is a true American dream. CWRV Transport is the exclusive delivery service for the over 125 Camping World RV stores in 36 states. CWRV independent contractors will deliver over 40,000 fifth wheel and travel trailer RVs, annually, using owned or leased ¾ or 1 ton pickup trucks. CWRV offers the highest mileage pay rates in the industry and has the full backing and annual load volume of the Camping World network.  Your exciting new career as a small business owner traveling the highways and byways of America can be your new exciting reality.  Please take your time and review the information below. We look forward to seeing you as a part of Team CWRV Transport.

Contractor Pay Rates:

 CWRV Load opportunities originate from fixed shipping yards in Indiana, Idaho, and Oregon. CWRV Transport, LLC offers our contractors the highest pay per mile in the industry and consistent reload opportunities to help reduce deadhead miles. Join the team today! Below are our current rates.

Rate per mile

Origin 34′ & Under Over 35′
Indiana $1.34 $1.45
Indiana to AL, FL, GA, LA, MS, TX, OK, NM, AZ, CA $1.27 $1.38
Idaho/Oregon $1.24 $1.24
Idaho/Oregon to TX, OK, NM, AZ, CA $1.17 $1.17

Reload orders are based on market rates and can vary.

Additional incentives

  • Recruiting bonus program
  • Fuel Discounts at TA-Petro, Flying J- Pilot, Loves and Sapp Bros.
  • FREE Good Sam Club roadside assistance membership
  • EFS (Electronic Funds Source) – CWRV utilizes EFS for all money transactions to contractors See EFS brochure >
  • Delivering to over 158 fixed dealer network in 36 states only – click to view dealer map >
  • No Canada
  • No pre-delivery wash
  • Delivery 30 minutes or less
  • 24/7 access to origin point
  • Driver mobile app (load board viewing, document managing, and submission, money management, news and updates, safety training)
  • Additional driver benefits from national brands, via contractor services site on CWRV website

Use this spread sheet to calculate your start-up costs >

UTBA Benefits – (Universal Trucking Benefits Association) has teamed up with CWRV Transport to offer the independent contractor affordable benefit options. Only active CWRV Transport contractors have access to these benefits.

UTBA membership benefits include

  • UTBA benefits and discounts
  • Individual major medical
  • Health indemnity plans
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Disability benefits
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Universal life insurance benefits
  • Term life insurance benefits
  • CDL defender coverage

Click here to download the 15-page guide including premium rates

Contractor Qualifications, Requirements & Equipment Outfitting:

  • Due to insurance requirements, you must be at least 23 years of age
  • CWRV Requires 6-months recent verifiable over-the-road combination hauling experience. In lieu of professional or commercial towing experience, we will accept your personal trailer towing experience by submitting to CWRV, a letter from your Insurance agent stating you’ve owned a trailer longer than 30’, and that there have been no claims against that trailer in the last 2 years.
  • Valid Driver’s license:  A Class A CDL is preferred, but an operator’s license to drive commercially is acceptable.  Please check with the state you possess your driver license
  • Driving Record: Within the last 7 years – No DUI, OWI, DWI, DWI-E, careless driving, excessive speeding 15MPH or more over the limit, reckless driving, improper lane change or erratic driving, violations in connection with a fatal accident, driving without proper licensing or habitual offender convictions.
  • Work History:  You must submit a complete 10-year work history on the CWRV application including accounting for any employment date gaps. If you are retired, have been self-employed, and/or unemployed for any period of time, it must be listed/accounted for in the work history section of the application.
  • Pass a company road test during orientation
  • Pass a DOT Physical:  You must obtain a DOT physical in your hometown prior to arriving in Elkhart.
  • Phone: You must have an activated Smartphone with voicemail set up. This is required for CWRV Mobile app which works only with iPhone or Android.
  • Electronic Logging: CWRV requires driver daily logs to be completed electronically using the free KeepTruckin application on your Smartphone.
  • Contractor Deposit:  CWRV will establish an account for you as a CSA (Contractor Savings Account). 10% of gross is deducted from each trip and held in escrow in a non-interest bearing account (CSA) until it accrues to $1,000.  The money is held in lieu of damage claims as a security deposit. It is yours, you can take it with you if you leave or retire as long as there are no damage claims.
  • Orientation Info:  Approved applicants will be invited to schedule an orientation. Orientation is 1 ½ days (Day 1: 7am to 5pm  Day 2: 7am to 1pm) approximately.
    CWRV will offer up to a $75 day credit towards a hotel stay in the Elkhart are for new applicants attending orientation.
  • Plate Rental:  Transporter plates will be assigned to each contractor during orientation.  The rental fee is only $10.00 per month.


  • CWRV requires $1,000,000 Unladen Liability coverage/certificate of insurance. (Non-Trucking Liability is no longer accepted) Unladen Liability Insurance pays damages to 3rd party property or people anytime you are not hauling the property of others. For more information on Unladen Policies contact one of the insurance companies below.
  • It is the contractor’s responsibility to provide standard Bodily Injury/Physical Damage as well as Comprehensive & Collision coverage for the truck. The Unladen Liability Coverage is in addition to this standard coverage.

Cottingham & Butler


  • Contact: Dwayne Goad
  • Phone: 877-814-1236 (not a CWRV #)
  • Email: Dwayne@ccrins.com ccrins.com
Brown & Brown

  • Contact: Amanda Rieger or Carmen Beltran
  • Phone: 800-846-7873
  • Email: arieger@bbtoledo.com or cbeltran@bbtoledo.com
  • Website

Required Documentation:

  • CWRV Transport requires a 2005 or newer Pickup Truck (Vans and SUVs are not permitted)
  • Truck must be full size ¾ Ton or 1 Ton (dually not necessary). No mid-size, ½ ton trucks, vans, or SUVs are accepted.
  • Truck can be owned or financed.  Enterprise truck Leasing is available by contacting Enterprise at 574-206-8899
  • Truck Registration: CWRV recommends the equivalent to a 26,000 lb. truck plate, depending on the limits of your driver’s license (If you have a CDL A you are not limited by GVWR totals).  Your truck registration weight listing should be sufficient to legally scale the actual weight of the truck and trailer.  In other words, it is best to register it for the maximum weight rating your truck can safely accommodate, but no more than 26,000 pounds.
  • Completed DOT long form inspection must be submitted
    • Inspections are available at the following Elkhart County locations when you come for orientation (please contact them directly for appointments):

NOTE:  Before a DOT truck inspection is administered, you must have an emergency triangle kit and mounted fire extinguisher in your truck.

Required Electronic Devices:

  • iPhone or Android Smart Phone with voicemail setup
  • Not Required but CWRV recommends Smart phone compatible blue tooth printer for your truck


Required Truck Outfitting:

*Must be obtained and/or installed before orientation begins

  • Commercial rated 10-ply tires, Load Range E. (Passenger tires or 8-ply are not acceptable)
  • Exterior towing mirrors (extendable or extensions)
  • Window tint or darkening film on the windshield or front seat door windows below 70% transparency of the built-in factory glass tint must be removed. (Federal Regulation)     
  • Electric Trailer Brake Control built into the dashboard or aftermarket secured near the driver controls
  • No items (tool boxes, fuel tanks, etc.) protruding above bed height with 5th wheel equipped trucks 
  • Truck Bed height measured behind the rear tires must not exceed 59”, no suspension lift kits allowed, airbags are acceptable, if operational
  • Loose items on a flatbed or in an open truck bed must be firmly secured if the bed is not covered
  • Mud Flaps attached firmly to both rear tire wells
  • Rubber Mud Flap the width of the rear bumper to protect the front of the trailers, and mounted no less than 4” from touching the ground to allow for truck squatting  
  • 5 B:C UL rated Fire Extinguisher with gauge securely mounted with screws in the cab or bed
  • 2 Ball Sizes: a 2-5/16” rated at 10,000 pounds minimum, the ball height must be between 20” and 22”, and a 2” rated at 6,000 pounds minimum, the ball height must be between 18” and 26”.  Height is measured from the ground to the highest point of the ball or the top flat surface of the ball.
  • “D” Ring or Threaded Chain Link to attach the travel trailer or 5th wheel trailer breakaway cable to a secure part that is directly connected to the truck (rear receiver, 5th wheel frame rails, etc). 
  • ¼” Diameter Long Shackle Padlock to secure trailer coupler to the truck ball hitch.
  • 20K minimum rated 5th wheel hitch optional, a sliding 5th wheel hitch is required for a truck bed shorter than 8’.  A truck without an installed 5th wheel hitch will reduce the number of available dispatches
  • Emergency Warning Devices consisting of either 3 triangles that are bidirectional (reflective on both sides), or three 60 minute liquid-burning flares, or six 30 minute liquid-burning fusees
  • Spare Fuses, 5-30 amp assortment of the see-thru mini multi-color silver blade style  
  • Deep Cycle Marine Battery for trailer breakaway system, and Battery Case with removable cover 
  • Ratchet Strap to secure Deep Cycle Marine Battery Case to travel trailer frame
  • ½” Drive Torque Wrench rated at 125 foot pounds to tighten trailer lug nuts to 100 foot pounds
  • ½” Drive Standard Sockets (3/4”, 13/16”, and 7/8”), same size in Deep Wall for 5th wheel trailers lugs
  • Load Distribution Bars rated at 1,000 pounds minimum for towing travel trailers

How do I outfit my truck with all the required equipment?

CWRV is conveniently located in the capital of the RV manufacturing world.  As a result, there are many qualified vendors in the area to help with your equipment needs. You may outfit your truck wherever you wish, but we offer the following vendor links as options for you to shop pricing and service:


Ready to join the CWRV Transport team?

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