DriveFit Personal Trainer

Professional fitness instructor, Steph, will create specific exercise videos designed for the everyday, average physique,  CWRV Transport driver. Each video will demonstrate specific exercises drivers can do in their truck, at a rest stop, in the hotel room or at home. We are excited to offer this professional service to our drivers and help you get moving and stay healthy.

5 Minute Band Workouts

This is a series of exercises using mainly a loop band or yoga band that you tie together. A loop band is an expensive and small tool that will have a big impact on your workout. You can find these at almost any big box retail store. They are perfect for stretching, strengthening, boosting your cardio workout, and keeping with you on the road.

5 Minute Workouts

These 5 minute workouts are designed just for drivers. They’re meant to give you a good exercise in a limited amount of time. Always start with the Warm Up and finish with the Cool Down. Pick whatever workout you want for the middle. This series has both cardio and strength workouts.

Basic Exercises

These basic exercises are things that you can do as you go when you have a few minutes. 

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300 Calorie or Less Snacks

Eating Snacks while traveling can be difficult but having a list of easy snacks to shop for and prep can transform everything! Buying snacks that are prepackaged and healthy (free from processed ingredients, dyes, bad oils, etc) can be difficult to find and expensive....

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6 Arm Exercises to Get Toned

Want to work those arms? Everyone loves a nice cut in the shoulder and no one wants the arm “flap” when you wave hello to someone. Your arms have 5 specific muscles that we can target…biceps, triceps, and the 3 heads of your deltoids (anterior, lateral, and...

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7 Exercises to Improve Posture

Sitting in a vehicle all day causes issues for the neck, spine, and back. Poor posture is to blame for a lot of issues that can creep up. It is so easy to slouch, strain your neck, and sit incorrectly so practicing some exercises regularly to counter poor posture are...

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While exercising it is important to make sure you stretch. Even if you are not about to exercise it can be very beneficial to stretch. Stretching can increase your range of motion which leads to a decrease in injuries. The blood flow to your muscles is increased when you stretch. This can speed recovery in case of an injury. Your balance and coordination are also enhanced when you stretch. This can lead to better posture and relief from stress and stress-related tension.

  • Make sure you warm up before stretching. You should stretch before and after you do physical activity. Follow these tips to get the best out of your stretching.
  • Focus on major muscle groups. Pay more attention to your calves, thighs, hips, lower back, neck, and shoulders. You should stretch both sides and stretch often.
  • Do not bounce. When you are stretching you should use smooth fluid movements. When you bounce while stretching you can cause harm to your muscles.
  • Remember 30 and 60. When stretching you should hold your stretch for at least 30 seconds. If you have a sore area hold the stretch for 60 seconds.
  • Pain is not your friend. When stretching make sure that you are not causing yourself pain. You should aim for tension for the best stretch.

Stretch often. When you stretch two or three times a week it is more beneficial to your body then not stretching at all. The more you stretch regularly then better your range of motion will be. When you stop stretching your range of motion will start diminishing.

Get more info from Mayo Clinic >