Enterprise Truck Rental

Enterprise is nearby with the towing capable truck you need.

CWRV has teamed up with Enterprise Truck Rental to offer drivers a cost-effective alternative to owning or leasing your a truck. Rent a late-model, towing capable pickup truck from your local Enterprise Truck Rental and take advantage of special rates.


Late-Model Pickups

Drive the a late-model, well- maintained pickup truck guaranteed to be with you through the long-haul.


Worry-free Maintenance

When the dash light comes on or you need an oil change, bring the truck to one of our 280 locations nationwide for service.


Workforce Ready Trucks

Your rental truck is equipped with bed rails and is ready to handle your other equipment for your job.

Trucks for sale

After your rental period is up, ask your local branch about trucks for sale. Enterprise offers hundreds of late-model, well-maintained trucks.

Enterprise offers 3⁄4 and 1-ton towing capable pickup trucks and a variety of flat deck trucks for gooseneck trailers. To book your rental, contact Enterprise by calling 1-800-rent-a-truck (574-256-3023) or visit www.enterprisetrucks.com to learn more about all the vehicles Enterprise offers.

How it works:

Truck type:               Quad cab, long bed, or 4X4. Current year. Make and model is your choice based on availability.
Damage deposit:   $1,500, refundable (this is in addition to the $2,500 CWRV Insurance damage deposit)
Term:                          Monthly

3/4 ton rental rate:
$1000 min. per month
5,000 miles included in monthly rate, $.20 per mile after inclusive mileage

1 Ton Rental Rates:
$1050 Min. Per month
5,000 miles included in monthly rate, $.22 per mile after inclusive mileage

Download the Enterprise brochure here >

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