If you have any questions that aren’t answered in this list of Frequently Asked Questions, feel free to contact us during normal business hours.

I'm interested in doing DriveAway/Class A Motorhome deliveries. Does CWRV do that type of RV delivery?

We don’t have current plans to expand to include DriveAway/motorhome deliveries. CWRV is outsourcing its DriveAway delivery needs to Horizon Transport in Wakarusa, IN. Feel free to contact Horizon if you have interest in this type of RV delivery. Be sure to tell them we sent you.

I'm interested in Haul & Tow deliveries. Does CWRV do that type of delivery?

CWRV is outsourcing its Haul & Tow delivery needs to Horizon Transport in Wakarusa, IN. Feel free to contact Horizon if you have interest in this type of RV delivery. Be sure to tell them we sent you.

Where are your orientations held?

If your Contractor Application is approved, orientations last 1 1/2 days and are typically held each week. They are held only at our Corporate offices in Elkhart, IN.

What is the rate of pay?

CWRV attempts to be one of the highest paying RV transporters. However, fuel price fluctuations mean rates may vary. Find the most up to date rates here >

How much money can I make?

Making money as a tow-away contractor depends on many factors. The first being how many loaded miles you can drive. Most of the loads CWRV delivers originate from northern Indiana, north central Iowa and northwestern Oregon. They deliver to nearly 100 dealers scattered all over the country. Your ability to complete your loaded miles are always subjected to other factors like available drive time, weather conditions, delays and your investment in activity.

Does CWRV reimburse tolls and Permits?

CWRV will reimburse all outbound tolls and all western state permits one way under load. Outbound tolls will be reimbursed both directions (under load and bobtailing) for units delivering directly to the east, or to Illinois and Wisconsin. Tolls and permits are only reimbursed if you are traveling our recommended routes.

Is this year round business or seasonal?

One of the great benefits of working with CWRV Transport is that you can travel year-round. The Camping World network is receiving trailer deliveries 12 months of the year, from all shipping points. Overall volume tends to be heavier in the spring months from February through the end of June.

Can we get two loads together?

Yes, there are times when dispatch has multiple loads going in similar directions. This is especially helpful for husband and wife teams or driving buddies. Some drivers set one truck up to tow the other to save fuel for the return trip.

Am I required to log?

CWRV requires logs to be maintained and completed utilizing the free KeepTruckin logging app either on your smart phone or tablet.

Do I have to log bobtail or empty miles?

Yes, since your truck is leased to CWRV, it is a commercial vehicle and subject to DOT regulations. All off duty and on duty time (under load or bobtailing) must be logged upon leaving your main home residence until you return to your main home residence, then you may log off duty during your home time.

Do I need a cell phone?

Today, it’s impossible to be a commercial driver and not have a cell phone. CWRV requires all contractors own a smartphone with a working voicemail – and have it on when under contract. You should have a headset or blue tooth earpiece for hands-free conversation. Don’t text and drive.

Do you have a dress code?

Someone once said, “Dress the way you want to be addressed.” CWRV expects you to present a professional, clean appearance. This means ankle-length pants and a collared shirt, or blouse. No tank tops, cut-offs or flip-flops. CWRV provides monogrammed shirts. It’s harder living on the road, but most truck stops provide showers. Buy fuel there and the shower is often times free. Show the customer they made the right choice having you bring them their RV.

What is your smoking policy?

No smoking is allowed inside any unit you are delivering. Rarely will you need to go inside a unit, except to close roof vents, windows, or to secure the unit for safe and damage-free transport.

Where will I deliver to?

Camping World has store locations in 36 states – see store map for locations.

Do I have to pay a pickup fee?

Because every factory has a different schedule and protocol for handling their units, CWRV picks up the trailer so it is waiting for you at one of several yards. Open into the evening and all weekend, the yards are where you get hooked up and on your way when it’s convenient for you. Some yards permit 24/7 pick-up. Therefore, CWRV does charge a small vehicle staging or shuttle fee for each unit brought in from the factory. Fees will vary depending on the distance between the factory and the dispatch yard. Check with your traffic manager to see if extra help is needed when you are in the area.

May I receive credit for my safety miles from my current company?

Of course, CWRV wants safe drivers. Credit for your safety miles may transfer if you are currently working for a similar RV transporter. All you have to do is submit proof from the previous carrier within 30-days of leasing on with CWRV.

Is there a minimum activity policy?

All CWRV asks is that you take at least one transport every 30 days to remain active.

How do I get a load?

CWRV has trained dispatchers assigned to you to help you keep moving. Simply call your dispatcher … or he/she will call you.

Can I sleep in a unit?

It is best to stay out of the unit all together, then nothing can happen that you might hold you responsible. Most contractors set up the back seat area of their trucks as a bed for the required rest, allowing them to customize it for their own comfort and convenience.

What more does CWRV do for its contractors?

We offer Safety Mile awards, referral bonuses, and occasional monthly incentive programs.

If I have my own motor home or trailer, is there somewhere I can park it and call home base from it while I transport vehicles?

One of the beauties of the business is its flexibility. Several drivers winter in an RV park somewhere in the south, yet they continue to drive for CWRV. They return north for the summer. All the while, they enjoy the freedom of being their own boss. So, if you want to bring your RV to the area and setup a home base, click here for Campgrounds in the area.

Do we ship to Canada and Alaska?

For now, CWRV does NOT ship to Canada or Alaska.

How far is the average trip?

The average trip is approximately 875 miles. Contractors will be asked to help deliver to stores in all 36 states. The heaviest annual shipping volume is to the southeastern U.S.

What type of drivers license does MY state require to drive commercially?

Find out more here

Do I wash the unit?

Great news! CWRV customers do not require the driver to wash the unit. Nor, do you have to pay the dealer for the wash. This is new to the industry. Rejoice with us!

Am I responsible for damage to the unit?

RV transporters have to be especially careful, RV’s are big and sometimes unwieldy in wind or on ice. Customers expect their units delivered as if they just rolled out of the factory. So, yes, you are required to establish a $1,000 damage deposit with CWRV. You have the option to pay this money during orientation, or we can deduct 10% from each trip’s gross pay until it accrues to $1,000. The money will be held in a non-interest-bearing escrow account, it is fully refundable soon after you leave or retire if there are no outstanding damage claims. We certainly hope nothing ever happens!

Do I check-in while in transit to my delivery?

Our customers and we want to know where their RV unit is in transit. Therefore, you are expected to communicate to CWRV every work day while you are under load by 10am EST via email or phone, the current location (city and state) of the unit. We also like hearing from you other times too as the needed arises.

What are the rules for delivery?

When you accept a dispatch, you must pick up your assigned dispatched unit the same day or the next morning. Typically, CWRV expects you to drive an average of 500 miles per day, depending on the travel conditions and available driving hours.

What happens if my unit breaks down?

Please get off the road to a safe place. If a tire blows out on a unit, change it. If you are involved in an accident, call 911. However, if it’s a breakdown emergency caused by the unit, call our 24-hour hot line to get help. In many instances, you will be compensated for breakdown-related downtime.

Can I get a 'dedicated route'?

We do not offer any type of dedicated route. While CWRV delivers to over 120 Camping World dealerships in the U.S., there is no set amount or schedule of RV units to any particular dealership.

Does CWRV offer Reloads?

Yes, CWRV has units originating in northern Indiana, Oregon and Idaho, and California. The 125 nationwide Camping World stores regularly transfer units between their dealerships, so these “reload” opportunities exist. Contractors can inquire about an available “reload” by contacting our dispatch personnel. Load note: When the CWRV mobile app launches in May 2017, active contractors will be able to view all active loads on the app load board, in real time. This will help drivers plan load commitments and multiple load opportunities to help reduce deadhead miles.

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