CWRV Transport is in the business of delivering happiness to America. Who doesn’t get excited knowing their brand-new RV is coming to their local Camping World dealer?

Delivering happiness does not end with the retail customer. Now CWRV Transport and our valued driver fleet are bringing happiness to children “fighting” for their lives. CWRV Transport and KOA-sponsored Care Camps have joined forces to help send children with cancer and their families  to the more than 130 special summer camps located all over the United States.

CWRV will give a monthly donation to Care Camp, based on the total number of dispatched miles of our fleet. Each driver will be able to monitor their monthly progress right from the mobile app stats page. So, we are asking our drivers to get out there and be as active as possible and deliver happiness to buyers waiting for their dream RV as well as to cancer afflicted kids and their families

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If your RV delivery feels better today, it’s because for every mile you drive CWRV Transport is helping kids and families dealing with Cancer.

On behalf of Care Camps, thank you for making a difference. To see the Healing Nature of Camping and the smiles it brings to the faces of kids who have experienced the ravages of cancer is beautiful.  Yet another way to Deliver Happiness.

To read more about Care Camps visit us at www.CareCamps.org.

To make a donation to Care Camps, Click Here

Again, thank you.

Wade Elliott


KOA Care Camps