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We're proud to have almost 10% of our fleet be women.


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A commitment to diversity

CWRV is wholly committed to providing employment opportunities to women in the trucking industry. We see qualities in women drivers that benefit both CWRV and the customer. Qualities like attention to detail, a friendly disposition, and a cautious yet strong work ethic. We know these traits will help us grow CWRV and break a stereotype that trucking is a man’s job. We are committed to seeing more women in trucking.

What our women drivers have to say

“It’s the real nice people.  I see the United States.  I meet people like Charles at Camping World of North Charleston, NC.  Yvonne at Camping World of Rapid City hugs me when I arrive. This is what motivates me it’s the people.”

– Leona, West Virginia

“It’s the great money I make doing something I love.  Freedom with choices of where I want to go and what I want to do.  I make all the decisions.”

– Francine, Indiana

“I’m sitting in a 130 year old restaurant in Carlisle, PA as I write this.  What I like about this business is once I’m delivered.  I’m able to explore the region I’m in.  I enjoy seeing where and how the people of our nation live now and in the past.  Although I am not a die hard history buff; I do like to stop and read the history of small towns.  Last week I stopped at a small building that was used by the Pony Express.”

– Diana, Michigan

“The traveling.  I like to spend time with my grandchildren.  You have freedom to go everywhere, wherever you want to go.”

– Michelle, Michigan

“What keeps me going is seeing the country.  It’s a paid vacation.   Meeting unique people.”

– Brenda, Florida

I like doing this better then being in an office.  I get to take my dog with me. I get to see different parts of the country.  I am a professional rodeo rider; so this job allows me to be home on the weekends for my hearts passion.

– Jammie, Oklahoma

“Being able to go where I want to go.  Freedom of being self employed.  Work when I want and don’t want. Meeting people.”

– Michelle, Missouri

One reason I enjoy pulling travel trailer and 5th wheels is the company I work for and with. I have driven trailers for over 20 years.  To me, it is a freedom feeling and something that I (me as a women can say I can do).  I have control of what I do.  I enjoy seeing the country and meeting new people.  This is the best way to do it.  Go whenever and wherever I want.  Once your on the road it is like no other feeling.  Thank you CWRV.

– Teresa, Ohio

I love this job because it gives me freedom and independence. I am able to go where I want and once I’m delivered I love to go sightseeing and experience everything thing our amazing country has to offer, it’s a paid vacation! Four years ago I meet my husband through CWRV and two years later I got a truck of my own. We even took a load to Las Vegas and got married! Thank you CWRV for all the wonderful and amazing experiences you have brought into my life!

– Brenda, Florida

I like to travel.  You get to see the country side.  I have more versatility in choosing pick up and delivery.  I have more choices on where I want to go.

– Stephanie, Missouri

I am a camper nut! I love everything about RVS, and I love to travel. Delivering RVS is a perfect fit for me.  I enjoy the challenge of navigating to new locations, finding more appropriate RV friendly routes. I even like the old familiar routes as there is always something new to see.  Meeting new people, making new friends is an every day event. Best of all, I get to do this job with the love of my life in the seat beside me. His experience and guidance over the past few years has helped me become the Professional Driver I am today.

– Laura, Tennessee

I like doing this because my husband and I get to do this together.  When we drove semis we before and were always going to opposite places.  Spending more time together as a husband and wife; we share all the wonderful experiences of life along the road.

– Kimberlee, Utah

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